Screen Cutter

One instant ‘SNAP’ and you’re through.

Regardless of whether you need to cut beefy 0 gauge wire or multiple strands of #4 galvanized screen, this robust tool is unequaled in terms of speed and performance in the most demanding of underground environments.

Operating with readily-available pneumatic power, the Tesman Screen Cutter (TSC) has been designed as a flexible, lightweight, hand-held tool, or as a valuable optional attachment to the Tesman Remote Loader.

Easily transportable around the workplace, the TSC is designed to give the operator complete control as it snaps through wire with one single stroke.

Devised for two-handed operation - like an angle grinder - your operator is better balanced and can readily avoid the repetitive strain injuries that result from the manual cutting of screen with bolt cutters.

Designed for use at the face, this tool has multiple uses - above and below ground - in mining, manufacturing, and construction.